Simple Montessori Map Wall Hanging

I happen to have been given a piece of fabric with a complete world map on it. It has country names as well as capitals, latitudinal and longitudinal lines, bright colors and very legible print for Eve, who is doing really well reading.

All I had to do was a rolled hem around all the edges, and tack it up on the wall. It’s a great conversational piece for the whole family, and it leads to some fun questions from Eve. She loves learning about what places are hot or cold, where there are mountains or rivers, and so on.

No- Spend Christmas Challenge

Yeah, I know, old meme. We’re over it. I don’t even watch that show.

Why am I so excited for Christmas this year? Because I have a plan.

I’m planning on spending zero money on gifts this year. (Not counting the money I had previously spent on craft supplies.

I know, I know, I can practically hear your responses.

“WHAT? Your POOR children will be SO DEPRIVED!” etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Nope. Because I am going to make all their presents. I’m planning on having my husband help out a little, but… yeah.

Why, you ask? Because I think I can. I’m reasonably crafty. I only have 2 kids. And goodness knows that Christmas could be horrifically expensive. Or, practically free. We already have all the decorations from last year, but I’ll be making a bunch of amazing Christmas crafts pretty much weekly counting down to Christmas, and hopefully I’ll be able to bring some holiday magic this year.

This picture of Robbie and our pet bunny from last Christmas seemed to fit.

A no-spend Christmas?!?!