I'm Bonnie, and I make stuff!

Guess what I did this weekend! Go on, guess.

I started making buttons! Well, I have yet to finish sanding any yet, due to a suprise moving party an hour’s drive away, but oh, well. I can do that tomorrow. Anyway, it’s a lot easier to make some nice hardwood buttons, if you have all the hardware and tools necessary. Just: grab a straight stick or […]

What to do, What to do…?

Today’s topic: macrame! (That’s “maac ruhh may.”  You know, that cool jewelry-making thing people do with knots? Weirdly enough, when I talk about it to people, they either don’t know what I’m talking about, or instantly associate it with 10-13 year-old girls. Hmmmmm.) Anyway, I happen to think macrame is loads of fun. I got […]

Snow in August???

…made of snow. 😀 Yep, snow. So, I know it’s kinda hot out, and I don’t know about anybody else, but I miss there being snow outside. Last March, if you can believe it, on a day that my classes were really spaced out, it just happened to have snowed about 6-8 inches of *perfect* sculpting […]

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    I'm Bonnie, a newlywed stretching our finances through crafting. This is a blog about my crafts, cooking, and works of art, like sculpting, collage, or painting. I crochet, do macrame, bake/ cook food (though I prefer desserts!) and make candy, as well as sew, weave, and anything else I can get my hands on.
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