Hello world!

I'll post instructions later, but it's the easiest bit of knotwork I ever did, and I wear it all the time!

Hey there, everyone with internet access and the random luck of finding me and my blog.

I’m Bonnie, a college student who, like billions of others, is feeling the financial pinch of college. However, I still want to have the things I need, as well as nice things, and it occured to me that knowing how to make my own purses, clothes, jewelry, *food*/ desserts/candy, hats, possibly shoes, as well as various gifts- would not only be cheaper than a great many other ways to get the very same things, but making them myself would get me exactly how I want them. Because I make them myself. Cool, huh?

My mother taught me how to do some basic crochet when I was a litte girl, which I expanded on as I got older, and through a very handy how-to macrame book I received as a gift around the same time, as well as some research, I’ve been fairly capable to provide myself with all the handmade fashion I could wish for. And, when I didn’t know how to do what I wanted to do, the internet proved a very useful tool. I absolutely LOVE cooking my own food, even when the kitchens I have access to aren’t mine. 😛 One day…. but not yet, alas. I take every opportunity to practice my candymaking skills as well. (Not as hard as it sounds, by the way! I know, I thought “how could I even begin to make Almond Joys?” because that was what I made the first time, but it was amazingly easy. All you really need for most candymaking is a good pot+stove, and to wash the disheas IMMEDIATELY after. But that’s another post.) I create art as well, including everything from scultping in clay, wire, or wood, to pencil/pen sketches, acrylic painting, and chalk. (Sidewalk Chalk + India Ink are my 2 favorite mediums, currently, and I’m actually working on something that utilizes both, believe it or not.)

Knitting is still beyond me, except for a very irregular garter stitch.

However! my most common venue for textiles will be crochet, and for jewelry, macrame. Although I’ve been looking into possibilites with wire. 😀

Who knows? Whatever strikes my fancy.

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