I'm Bonnie, and I make stuff!

New Weaving Experiences

So, recently, I decided I would try my hand at weaving. I crochet, and I’ve done at least a little knitting, (enough to form some sort of opinion¬†about it) and I thought weaving might be fun. Don’t ask me why, (though comments are appreciated) but I got it into my head that making a pair […]

Hello world!

Hey there, everyone with internet access and the random luck of finding me and my blog. I’m Bonnie,¬†a college student who, like billions of others, is feeling the financial pinch of college. However, I still want to have the things I need, as well as nice things, and it occured to me that knowing how […]

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    I'm Bonnie, a newlywed stretching our finances through crafting. This is a blog about my crafts, cooking, and works of art, like sculpting, collage, or painting. I crochet, do macrame, bake/ cook food (though I prefer desserts!) and make candy, as well as sew, weave, and anything else I can get my hands on.
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