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Simple Post Stitch Wristwarmers! (Say that five times fast…)

These wristwarmers are a quick addition to a cooler weather wardrobe, with a nice little notch for your thumb, and the texture of the post stitches. For as simple as it was to make them, I can tell I’ll be wearing them a lot as it gets colder. This pattern uses a G hook and […]

“Divine” Beret!

So, some of you might be familiar with the “divine hat“, and let me tell you: it is positively brilliant! It also gave me the chance to learn front post stitch/ back post stitch, which is one that you will definitely be seeing used here again. I started following the pattern, but after the first round or […]

Buttonhole Neckwarmer

Well, I’ve written another pattern! It’s a lot like my buttonhole scarflet, but I tried to make it more of a polished pattern this time. That and it’s a neckwarmer instead of a scarflet. One of my favorite parts is the heart-shaped button I made for it! I just took one of the wooden branch […]

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    I'm Bonnie, a newlywed stretching our finances through crafting. This is a blog about my crafts, cooking, and works of art, like sculpting, collage, or painting. I crochet, do macrame, bake/ cook food (though I prefer desserts!) and make candy, as well as sew, weave, and anything else I can get my hands on.
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