Simple Post Stitch Wristwarmers! (Say that five times fast…)

Here they are! 😀

These wristwarmers are a quick addition to a cooler weather wardrobe, with a nice little notch for your thumb, and the texture of the post stitches. For as simple as it was to make them, I can tell I’ll be wearing them a lot as it gets colder.

This pattern uses a G hook and “Vanna’s Choice” Lion Brand yarn. Purple, obviously. 🙂



Dc=Double Crochet

Sc=Single Crochet

Sl=Slip Stitch

Fps=Front Post Stitch

Bps=Back Post Stitch


  1.  ch 30
  2. dc 1 per ch
  3. sl 1 and dc in the first stitch, fps in the next, and alternate like that until the end of the row, sl 1 and dc or bps according to what was done in the last row, making sure that the fps and bps line up; do 3 rows of this, using fps instead of bps in the second.
  4. sl 1 into the opposite end of the row, attatching the ends to form a loop that would grow into a cylinder
  5. fps the end stitches together
  6. alternate fps and dc in every other stitch for 10 rounds.
  7. sc 1, sl 1, and weave in the ends.
  8. repeat the steps of the pattern to make a second wristwarmer.


Hope you enjoy. ^_^






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  1. Can’t wait to try these too. I’ve made wrist warmers in different patterns and I didn’t like the thumb hole. Love that you just made it a notch.

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