“Magic” Slippers

Sorry it’s been a while, folks, but I’ve been working hard on my current projects, the most recently finished one is:

My magic slippers!

My Snuggly Magic Slippers!
My Snuggly Magic Slippers!

The whole concept of these is based on the idea of a “magic square“, which is a method I’ve used in the past, for making some very nice potholders. I had the idea of applying the same method to making a pair of slippers, and this pattern is  the result. 😀 I made mine with Vanna’s Choice yarn and a G hook; you can customize yours to fit you by making sure that your starting chain reaches from your heel to your toes when you measure it against your foot.


Sc=single crochet

sl=slip stitch

ch=chain stitch

(Yeah, that’s all the stitches it uses. Cool, huh?)



Rnd 1: Ch 40. Sc in each ch across, then sc in the other side of the ch to make a round.

Rnds 2-13: Sc in each st around.

Decrease 2 on either side of the toe area (just pick an end, put your foot in, and you’ll see what I mean), turn around and do 2 more rows in just the toe end, decreasing 2 on each end of each row. (12 decreases total)

Sc 1 after the rows, decrease 1, then continue in a full round.

Starting from the toe corner you started your last round in, make 2 rows, which end in the opposite toe corner. These rows will go around the back of the slipper, instead of across the toe area, like the earlier rows.

Sl 1, cut off and weave in ends.

Close-up on the bows <3


  • Ch 15; sc in each st across. Turn at end, sc in each st across and repeat for a total of 9 rows.
  • Sc into first 6 sts of 10th row, ch 10.
  • Wrap around middle of rectangle to gather into a bow shape.
  • Sl 1 into the base stitch of the ch, sc across the remainder of row 10.
  • Finish off; sew bow onto toe of slipper.

Repeat pattern to make a second slipper. 🙂


So there you have it!

4 Replies to ““Magic” Slippers”

  1. Hi Bonnie, Can you help me, please? I am confused about the decreases after row 13. When I finish Row 13, I am at the “middle” of the toe. How do I decrease two on either side? Do I decrease two before I get to the end of row 13 plus another two at the beginning of row 14? If so, then what happens? You say to *turn* and decrease what I think is another two on each side two more times for a total of 12 stitches decreased. When I make that *turn*, I only have two stitches to the beginning of row 14, so can only make 1 decrease on this side of the toe. So the remaining 3 decreases would be on the other side of the toe.

    I am sure I am making a mistake on how I am reading this but can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I realize I should be making “short rows” but need go proceed further with row 14 before turning?


    1. What you need to do is undo a few stitches until you get to a spot about an inch/inch and a half before the “middle” of the toe, and declare that to be the side of the toe area. te same distance from the middle on the other side of the middle is the other end. The inportant part of this step is that it fits to your foot. So, when you get to the spot, you decrease 2 and then sc over to the spot on the other side of that 2-3 inch area. After the slightly shorter row 13, and the few inches of toe area, you turn around for the few short rows in the toe area, decreasing 2 on either end of each row. As you turn, you should be grabbing an extra stitch from the surrounding area to make the toe rows more rounded ish on the corners.
      After the short toe rows (tehe I really liked typing that) you proceed in a full round, ending in the same place you started it (which should be just to the sideof the short toe rows place) and so on.
      Let me know if there’s any other problems,

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