Spiffy Hairdo just costs the price of a shower and a sock!

Ok, so I have a date today, and I decided last night to try out this method I was shown on youtube:


Now, it didn’t work for me today, but I know why, and I think it will next time!

Here’s what I learned:

  • Don’t put the sock in when your hair is too wet. That pretty much just kills all curl action.
  • There’s no real need for a hairtie, and it could put a crimp in your hair. So if you do use one, don’t tighten it by wrapping around again like you would normally. In fact, if you want security and no crimp, I’d say a bandanna or a wide ribbon tied around the “sock bun” would fit the bill nicely.
  • Even though it didn’t curl my hair like I wanted, because of the method, the roots of my hair dried first and gave me some nice volume, and a decently wavy look beyond what I normally have.
  •  So not a total loss! 😀

And that’s all, folks! 😀 Go forth and curl!



BEHOLD: I made a sword! 😀

 For Halloween, I went to a really fun costume party as a Samurai. I made a kimono and hakama, but as I was trying on the costume, I thought: “it’s just not going to look like a samurai without a katana.”

What to do next? Make a wooden katana, of course!

I found a piece of lumber which was of an acceptable length (roughly a yard) and sketched up the basic outline of a katana, which is pretty basic, just a simple sword with one straight edge and one curved slightly at the end, because it’s a single-bladed sword.


So, I just cut it down nearly to where I wanted it with the saw I had available (which is to say, a circular saw) and then used a mallet and chisel to define the hilt a little better. The last bit of smoothing out was done with a razor blade and a power sander (because hand sanding on something so big is tedious, at best) until the blade side was defined and there were no splintery bits left.


Articles, Patterns, and E-Zines: Oh My!




So recently I had the opportunity to write an article for an E-Zine called Crochetvolution, which was all about the instinct we crafters have to make scarves, and hats and SO ON more frequently in colder weather. (You know the feeling: the weather gets chillier, and you start thinking things like, “Wouldn’t that yarn be so nice in a scarf?” And so, you go and get the yarn, find out what you’d like to do with it, and begin.)

Also for the latest issue of Crochetvolution:  have made a scarf!!! Not a scarflet, or a neckwarmer, or anything like that, but a scarf. A men’s scarf. As a gift.



Those of you who have tried to crochet something for the men in your lives may have run into a similar conundrum that I’ve found, which is: guys don’t ask for much. They don’t want anything fancy, and (let’s face it) crocheting can often look a little too lacey for your average guy.

Solution? I found out about this nice stitch called a “Granite Stitch”. It’s super simple, makes a nice pattern, and a good, flat scarf with pretty much zero curling.

So, if you want the pattern it is here, and I hope you enjoy! 😀

Also mentioned on the same page is my Etsy shop: you may remember my Black Walnut Buttons? Well, I have some for sale on Etsy. 😀