Articles, Patterns, and E-Zines: Oh My!




So recently I had the opportunity to write an article for an E-Zine called Crochetvolution, which was all about the instinct we crafters have to make scarves, and hats and SO ON more frequently in colder weather. (You know the feeling: the weather gets chillier, and you start thinking things like, “Wouldn’t that yarn be so nice in a scarf?” And so, you go and get the yarn, find out what you’d like to do with it, and begin.)

Also for the latest issue of Crochetvolution:  have made a scarf!!! Not a scarflet, or a neckwarmer, or anything like that, but a scarf. A men’s scarf. As a gift.



Those of you who have tried to crochet something for the men in your lives may have run into a similar conundrum that I’ve found, which is: guys don’t ask for much. They don’t want anything fancy, and (let’s face it) crocheting can often look a little too lacey for your average guy.

Solution? I found out about this nice stitch called a “Granite Stitch”. It’s super simple, makes a nice pattern, and a good, flat scarf with pretty much zero curling.

So, if you want the pattern it is here, and I hope you enjoy! 😀

Also mentioned on the same page is my Etsy shop: you may remember my Black Walnut Buttons? Well, I have some for sale on Etsy. 😀

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