Spiffy Hairdo just costs the price of a shower and a sock!

Ok, so I have a date today, and I decided last night to try out this method I was shown on youtube:


Now, it didn’t work for me today, but I know why, and I think it will next time!

Here’s what I learned:

  • Don’t put the sock in when your hair is too wet. That pretty much just kills all curl action.
  • There’s no real need for a hairtie, and it could put a crimp in your hair. So if you do use one, don’t tighten it by wrapping around again like you would normally. In fact, if you want security and no crimp, I’d say a bandanna or a wide ribbon tied around the “sock bun” would fit the bill nicely.
  • Even though it didn’t curl my hair like I wanted, because of the method, the roots of my hair dried first and gave me some nice volume, and a decently wavy look beyond what I normally have.
  •  So not a total loss! 😀

And that’s all, folks! 😀 Go forth and curl!


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