To keep your fingers (and mine!) warm.


Well, it has been  unseasonably warm, lately, until recently. When it got to below freezing, and my hands got very chilly. SO, I made mittens!



sc=single crochet

dc= double crochet


Using Vanna’s Choice Lion Brand yarn (less than a whole skein in any size I’ve seen) and a G hook:

  1. make a magic circle, sc 6.around it. (rnd 1)
  2. dc 2 per stitch for 2 rounds. (rnds 2+3)
  3. dc 1 per stitch for 6 rounds. (rnds 4-10)
  4. chain 15 from one side of the pouch, attatch it at the other side with a dc, and dc 6 rounds. This forms the finger pocket that flips back. 
  5. ch 9 on the thumb side, and dc around 2 rounds.
  6. decrease 3 on the thumb tip for 2 rounds
  7. decrease 4 in  the thumb tip on the next round
  8. then decrease 1 the next 2 rounds.
  9. dc 6 rounds for the wrist area, (if you want it longer, do a few more rounds) then sc 2, sl 1, then cut off and weave in.
  10. dc 2 rows on the edge of the finger pocket, so that there’s a slight overlap and your palms won’t get a chilly breeze. ^_^
  11. sl through an sc on the first round, then ch 3 and sl, cut off and tie it on, so that now you have a little loop of the tip of the finger pocket. (Make as big as necessary for whatever buttons you choose, since this is the button loop.)
  12. repeat the last step on the tip of the thumb.
  13. fold back the the finger flap to know where to place the button, then sew it on. Then fold back the thumb (after putting the finger flap back out) and place the other button where it should be.
  14. Repeat for the second mitten, making sure the thumbs are on opposite sides, so that the finger pockets flip backwards from your palms.



A Basket Case!!

Actually, a basket scarf.
Basketweave Scarf by Bonnie Irene

I saw this tutorial on youtube for a basketweave, and I was thinking about the lovely yarn I’d just gotten to work with, and the thought occurred to me to combine the two!

So, here it is: a Bi-color Basketweave Scarf.

Basketweave closeup

ch = chain
dc = double crochet
fpdc = front post double crochet
bpdc = back post double crochet
sl = slip stitch
st = stitch

2 colors Peaches & Cream – 1 skein each
J hook

Row 1: Holding both colors together, ch 122 (multiple of 8 + 2). Then, using only color 1, ch 2 and dc across. (122 dc) Turn.
Rows 2-5: Ch 2, dc in first dc. [Fpdc in next 4 sts, bpdc in next 4 sts] across until 1 st remains; dc in last st. (122 sts) Turn.
Rows 6-9: Ch 2, dc in first dc. [Bpdc in next 4 sts, fpdc in next 4 sts] across until 1 st remains; dc in last st. (122 sts) Turn.

Finish off color 1. Repeat rows 1-9 with color 2, working from the middle chain out in the opposite direction.

When you get almost to the end of your yarn (and most skeins of peaches & cream that I can find aren’t very big) simply sl in the st after your last fpdc or bpdc and weave in your ends. Dont worry if it’s in the middle of the row, since it’ll stop at the same point on the other side as well.

Enjoy! 😀