Every Day, Filet Crochet…

The weather has been nonstop rain, the past few days, and I’ve been feeling the need to make myself useful. I’m getting married this summer (some of you may have noticed my new ring in my mittens post) and I’ve been preparing to move, and begin married life. Hence, I’ve been thinking of what I’ll need, and how much of that I can make by myself. So it happened that I found myself sketching up a design for a laundry bag.

  I started working on it, and it’s not finished yet, but what really makes this project is the stitch I’m using, which is Filet Crochet! Most of the time, when you see a project in filet crochet, you’ll see lovely patterns, clever pictures, etcetera. However, I really like the basic netting that filet stitch makes, and it’s absolutely perfect for my laundry bag.

All you do is:

chain the length you want for whatever you’ve got going, any multiple of 3. Then chain 7 more, and double crochet in the 8th chain from the hook. Then chain 2, skip 3, and double crochet. Chain 2, skip 3, repeat. I found a pretty clear tutorial video on youtube, which as many of you may know, is where I go when I want to learn a new stitch. From my experience, the crochet-ers on youtube are a pretty helpful bunch! <3

Anyway, I’m sure loving the nice netting-like product that filet crochet makes!


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