An easy way to “Plarn”!

I know that plarn may sound like a magical land, but in fact, it is plastic yarn!

You may have heard that method of cutting a plastic bag in even strips, and that’s all well and good. But if you’re like me, when you get an idea for a project, you just want to get started immediately.

So, here’s how you get quick plarn:

Yep, a VHS!

All you do is: unscrew ALL the screws (there are 5 of them) and push the button on the side to open them up.

the button.










After that, you just pull out both spools, make sure it’s all wound to one of the spools, then cut the tape off of the empty spool.

the gauge is about a J hook. Enjoy!



I love Upcycling. <3

See? Getting shabby.

I had some heels which I got about 5 years ago, and recently they’ve been looking pretty shabby. So, I was thinking about throwing them out, and I saw a picture online that someone had decopaged a pair of wedges to breathe new life into them. They looked cute, so I decided to give it a try! At the very worst, I was already going to throw them out anyway.

So, I got a bottle of decopage, (which was dusty and sitting all alone in a cupboard, it’s been so long) a cheap foam brush, and some pretty fabric scraps. I put them on top of a cardboard box to keep the sticky gunk off of  anything relevant, then I got to work! It took a while, but what I came up with was this:

before and after. Original shoe on top, original fabric on bottom, and finished shoe in the middle. 😀






It was super fun, but if you do it, too, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • For the tighter curved areas (back of the heel, edges of the toe area and ankle, or any bows, buckles, etc) use smaller pieces. I know it sounds obvious, but it really helps.
  • What sort of texture you want. You can arrange the fabric bits you decopage on in a specific pattern, maybe even do some ridges. Cutting the pieces of fabric into uniform shapes is really key in making it look nice. 🙂
  • Feel free to accessorise with a stripe of ribbon, yarn, etc. Let me know how it goes, too, I’d love to hear it!
  • the thickness of the fabric can effect the color, depending on the original color, but you may want to do this on purpose. The lovely new color of my heels was a happy accident, but one I’ll remember for the future.
  • Remember that this is super messy. So if you’re worried about your clothes or your workspace, put down some newspaper or something. However, if you get it in your clothes it rinses right out. It just feels nasty until you do.
  • The applications of this are nearly limitless! You can match a shoe to a prom dress or bridesmaids’ dress easily, or even a wedding dress. That way, if you find a shoe that’s the perfect style, but the wrong color, all you have to do excersize some craftyness and you can have it exactly how you want it. How cool is that?!?!? Especially for a wedding party, everybody can bring a pair of nice shoes they already have and decopage them all with the same fabric to match.
  • Enjoy! <3


Loooovely. Hello, new shoe feeling. For free! 😀