Macrame earbuds

look familiar?

I heard about this thing that people are doing to stop their earbuds from tangling, and when I found out how they did it, I was delighted.

It’s macrame, of course! How cool is that?

Macrame is someting that I did a LOT of (and I do mean a lot) when I was a kid, so covering my earbud cords with macrame was a breeze, and I think you’ll think so, too.

What you do is this:

  1. starting at the plug end, take the end of your macrame material of choice (I like using embroidery floss, but you could use crochet thread, or just whatever you think will be thin enough to be workable) and just tie a square knot aound the first bit of cable after the plug part.
a square knot around the cord

2. use a basic macrame loop  and pull tight around the cord. It’s easiest to just make loops big enough to put the skein or ball of whatever you’re using through the loop. Keep the tail flat against the cord, so that it gets tied against the cord, and doesn’t stick out.

The tail of the original knot is shown in blue.

 3. You’ll take the material first behind the cord, then around clockwise to the front, then through the loop you formed. Repeat this knot indefinitely, keeping the material reasonably tight, so that the ridges on the side of each knot will form spiral “threads” around the cord, like the threads of a screw.  You can reverse the direction of the spiral by just making the knot in the other direction. This can make some cool zigzags, too.

 4. When you get to the split, (if you haven’t run out of material. I usually use about 2 things of whatever I’m using) you can just go up one side, cut off, and then go up the other side.

The method I like even better is just to cut off at the split, then to start again at the end that you stick in your ear, right at the base of whatever’s there, and just go down to the spit, then straight across the split and on up the other side.

After you’re all done, you’ll have something like this:

I love this so much, I’ve been doing all my earbuds this way. They NEVER tangle. Even if they get to where they could, they don’t grip in the same way, so you can just get them apart without any trouble.

Let me know how it works out for you! 🙂



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