The Post That Never Was

Yep, that would be this post. Hello!
I published a cardigan pattern in a crocheting E-zine called Crochetvolution, a little while ago, never did write up a post about it!

So, you can find the pattern right here:

And feel free to browse through some of the other stuff going on there, it’s a fun e-zine!

Cannot hide that morning sickness. But look, the cardigan is so nice!





Easy dinner & announcements

Sorry I’ve been so absent! The morning sickness for my first trimester was unspeakably awful. O_O

That’s right, I’m pregnant! And since I’ve been staving off the craft-for-baby instinct for a couple of months, now, it’s entirely likely that I’ll cave soon, and you lovely people of the interwebs will see some baby stuff up on here.

Anyway, dinner last night, I asked my mom to send me her chicken & rice recipe. (Because, you know… I had a craving.)


Trust my husband to nab a serving before I thought to photograph it. 🙂

It’s absolutely simple, just one of those dinners you can put together and leave in the oven until it’s done. AND, it’s easily changeable, so you can do different styles, culture influences, etc.

Chicken & Rice:

  • In a buttered 8×8 pan, pour in 1 cup raw rice. (It’s nice if you mix in some dry wheat, too.)
  • Pour 1 – 1&1/2 cups chicken stock (or cream of mushroom soup, pineapple juice, coconut milk, etc. Any kind of flavoring liquid that isn’t offensive to eat ____-flavored rice with your chicken, basically.) If you use a can of cream of mushroom soup, like I did, you’ll want to thin out the goop with a can full of milk/water.
  • Place seasoned (I used a mix of paprika, garlic, and basil) raw chicken (about 4 pieces is good) , skin side up, if you have it, on top, and cover with foil. (Especially if your chicken has skin, you’ll want to spray the foil with some cooking spray, so you don’t have to fight the foil for your dinner.) *The amount of pieces you need isn’t really an issue just space them out so that they won’t touch.
  • bake at 400* for 1 hour, and check it 15 minutes before it’s done. If the rice is too dry for your taste, (I like mine extra saucy) then add some water, or milk, pineapple juice, stock, if you have some left. This is more about the rice, so water will usually do just fine.
  • ***Make sure to stab at least one piece of chicken straight to the center, and check for blood. If there is ANY, put it back in for at least another 15 minutes.
    And there it is! Pretty simple, highly adaptable, and yummy. The chicken comes out so perfectly moist, and the rice so good, every single time.

    So, dig in! 😀

    It’s that good. 😉



    oooooohhhh… O_O Spooky.