I'm Bonnie, and I make stuff!

Banana Brownies

There was a really great sale on bananas. So ¬†I, ¬†forgetting temporarily that we hardly ever eat bananas, got a whole bunch. (As opposed to a half bunch. Ba-dum tiss.) We left them untouched in our fruit basket, just sitting there, until they went from solid green… to splotchy brown. Fit for nothing but baked […]

Organizing toys on the cheap

As I get together toys for my daughter to enjoy in the future, I’m discovering something pretty obvious: All this stuff needs to be organized! I started with a simple crocheted mesh bag for those blocks I just made. Honeycomb Mesh Bag: Round-by-Round, worked in a continuous spiral: 1: ch 4, dc 1 in 4th […]

DIY baby wraps!

For a while, now, I’ve been a big fan of babywearing. For while the baby is small, there’s nothing better! You can keep your little one close, safe from creepy strangers, and still do everything you need to do. So, in my third trimester, I made a moby wrap, using a tutorial from A Load […]

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    I'm Bonnie, a newlywed stretching our finances through crafting. This is a blog about my crafts, cooking, and works of art, like sculpting, collage, or painting. I crochet, do macrame, bake/ cook food (though I prefer desserts!) and make candy, as well as sew, weave, and anything else I can get my hands on.
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