Baby-Safe Colored Blocks

So, I don’t know if it’s shown much yet, but I have a profound love of woodworking. Something about the smell of sawdust, the feel of well-sanded wood, the look of the grain– it all has a special place in my heart.

So, when I think of what toys I want my daughter to play with, what else? I want her to have wooden toys. (And, being me, I just have to make them.)

I started off my adventure with a pack of plain wooden blocks. Unfinished, sanded smooth, and about 1 cubic inch apiece.

Next, I pulled up this lovely tutorial from my sister’s site.

So I got four little containers out, covered the bottoms with a teeny bit of water, and put some food coloring in, about 1 part food coloring to every 5 or 6 of water. I painted the coloring on 4 blocks this way.

She also suggested putting drops of food coloring directly onto the wood, for stubborn spots.

Me, being me, (who else?) I had to try a couple different ways.

The four on the left are dyed with drops of coloring painted directly on the wood. The four on the left were diluted.
The four on the left are dyed with drops of coloring painted directly on the wood. The four on the right were diluted.

See the difference? Pretty striking. 🙂

Of course, I couldn’t stop there! Next, I just sat a couple of blocks in the dye containers.

green, yellow, blue, and red!
green, yellow, blue, and red!

…and let it soak up into the block, about halfway…


And then pulled it out, tapped the drips off into the container, and set it bare-wood-side-down in another of the colors. (Sorry I don’t have a picture of this!)

I let the dye soak up the other side until the colors sorta…meshed.

These really came out nice.

Yaay! They look so festive.
Yaay! They look so festive.

I’ll polish them in the morning. ^_^



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    1. It is indeed a chicken bank. As to where it came from, I got it as a bridal shower present, full of spare change. A “nest egg.” Very cute gift, I thought. If I had to guess which store, it looks like it might come from target or Kmart.

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