Banana Brownies

There was a really great sale on bananas. So  I,  forgetting temporarily that we hardly ever eat bananas, got a whole bunch. (As opposed to a half bunch. Ba-dum tiss.)

We left them untouched in our fruit basket, just sitting there, until they went from solid green… to splotchy brown. Fit for nothing but baked goods.

I had just resigned myself to a whole lot of banana bread, because I couldn’t bear to let all that healthy fruit go to waste, when my brain said, “haven’t we read something about how you can substitute bananas for eggs?”

Too true, brain! Ten points for Gryffindor! (Or Ravenclaw, whatever. Let’s not overthink this.)

My husband likes his brownies chewy, and my regular brownie recipe makes fudgy brownies, so I pulled up this recipe.

I also really love the kind of brownies that have the crumbly topping, so I pulled up this recipe, too.

I replaced the egg in BOTH recipes for 1 average-sized banana per large egg.

What I got was this:

Almost forgot I had to take a picture! Whoops lol
Almost forgot I had to take a picture! Whoops lol

It did need to be cooked some more, after this picture was taken, but that’s the nice thing about this idea– no raw egg! Just raw bananas. You could definitely taste the banana, but the consistency was nearly identical to if it had eggs. This would also be a good vegan alternative, fyi! 🙂

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