Graham Crackers!

Who doesn’t love a good graham cracker? Seriously, folks. You know you do.

Soooo yummy.
Soooo yummy.

You’ll find the recipe I used is here, on Marcus Samuelson’s site.

The only differences between his crackers and mine are that I substituted half of the flour with oat flour, I didn’t add cinnamon to the dough or glaze them, and I used coconut oil.

To make your own oat flour, just put oats through your blender, spice grinder, or food processor. I’d recommend sifting the finished product, if you don’t want the stray oat bits getting into your crackers.

Now that you know, why not enjoy a couple fresh out of the oven with a glass of cold milk?


Whole wheat!

So, I’m a big believer in whole wheat, but my regular bread recipe wasn’t very good with all wheat flour, and it certainly didn’t hold up to sandwiches. Poor bread didn’t stand a chance.

Luckily, I pin, (Yay, pinterest!) and I found this lovely recipe from “two of a kind and working on a full house”.

Now, I just don’t have the equipment for grinding my own wheat. I have no actual grinder, and I would never subject my secondhand blender to such an ordeal. I also didn’t use dough enhancer, though I did use vital wheat gluten. One day, I might do it all the way she does it, because this recipe really is great. But today is not that day.

This stuff is so great for sandwiches!
This stuff is so great for sandwiches!

I do it all by hand, and it consistently makes 2 sizeable loaves. Not big, but good-sized. Maybe with dough enhancer, they’d be bigger. We’ll see, someday. 🙂