Kale Pesto

This Post is written by Samuel, Bonnie’s husband

Today I wanted to give a quick share of a great recipe for kale pesto pizza and help you overcome its one flaw: it isn’t clear how much kale to use. the recipe is found at:  https://cookieandkate.com/2016/kale-pesto-pizza-recipe/

As shown below, I made the pesto last night.

Unfortunately, the recipe says “3 cups packed kale.” I could lightly pack it, and not get enough, or I could really pack it and get 3 times as much. The correct level of packing is probably somewhere in the middle, but I decided that you needed a picture of how much greens I used.

As you can see I also used Spinach. This turned out to be about the right amount of greens, but maybe a little bit excessive.

I’ve made this pesto a few times. The pizza is phenomenal. The pesto was not bad with pasta, but I was disappointed remembering how good the pizza was.

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