Giant Paper Airplanes


Duplo block (and my hand) for scale.

Big paper airplanes make a regular day less dull.

All you have to do is cut a paper grocery bag open into a big paper, (like in the beginning of this video) get a rectangle piece, and make a paper airplane the way you usually would. This is essentially, a modified dart.

Like so.

I also like to fold back the nose, and reverse the inner fold on the tail to give it that fin, but you don’t need to get fancy. Just have fun. Look up a few good  paper airplane tutorials, (I like this basic one,this stunt plane,  and this fancy one) cut those paper bags into big paper rectangles, and get to folding! Big planes go longer and stronger, so we’ll be taking these outside. You might see our family flying these at the park soon on our Bonbonanza Facebook page

Not much to it but to do it. Have fun, y’all.

Big plane=Big fun.

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