Coconut Vanilla Snow Ice Cream

In case anyone missed it, it’s cold out there.

My mister took Eve and Robbie out and made an igloo. COLD.

So if life gives you over a foot of snow….

Make snow ice cream!

But wait… I’m vegan! Literally allergic to dairy. So, I’ll be making mine with coconut milk.

I’m basing my recipe off of the improvised events of the other day, when we had this delicious treat, as well as this recipe.

Your first step in this process is to put out a large bowl (or cake pan, stock pot, etc, depending on if you’re planning on making a lot.) Be advised I really don’t know if it’ll keep, as we’ve never had leftovers. You want to collect about twice as much mass of snow as you think you’ll need, since fresh snow is much fluffier than the wetter ice cream.

That star sprinkle just is too cute. Eve convinced me to buy them while we were shopping at Christmas time and I just love them.

The basic method I did:Make sure you keep your snow outside until it’s pretty much time to eat. Then:
I took a can of full fat coconut milk, about 1/2 cup granulated sugar, and 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, and stirred the ingredients together in a bowl. Then I added the snow, making sure there was nothing obviously messy from the snow (Check your snow, folks! You don’t want to see any animal foot prints, dust, dirt, etc) Once you have all the ingredients together, you need to work quickly, because that snow is melting fast. Simply mix, then serve and eat. You can top it, or enjoy it plain. My husband and I had ours with eggless cookie dough chunks (recipe post coming soon) and the kids loved star shaped sprinkles on theirs.

While you mix, it might resemble a rough dough, like biscuits. Don’t worry, it’ll look smooth and gelato-ish soon.

Yum. Childhood memories that fit in with my new lifestyle, check!

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