If You Give a Vegan A Cake

…this post is for you!
I have been enjoying a few different variations of the lovely invention known as “wacky cake”. A type of cake invented during the great depression, “wacky cake” or “crazy cake” is leavened with the fizzy reaction that goes on between vinegar and baking soda. No milk, no eggs. The only change I needed to make for these recipes to suit my allergies perfectly is to use white whole wheat flour instead of all purpose.

I’ve made chocolate wacky cake, which I made from this cookbook.

I have used this lemon wacky cake recipe for Eve’s birthday cake, as well as an orange version which I plan to use for Robbie’s birthday. (what can I say, my kiddos love citrus).

For frosting, I’ve just made some coconut whipped cream like this recipe.¬†

Our Easter Carrot cake. That frosting drip makes me drool!

I’ve also, most recently, made a delectable “crazy carrot cake” from this recipe with cashew cream cheese frosting from this recipe, although I added about 1/2 cup of coconut cream. And it is definitely my favorite so far. My husband has been missing cream cheese frosting, so he’s in heaven with this one.

If you need to make cake for a vegan in your life, go with wacky cake. It’s always good.

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