In Praise of Aquafaba

If you’re a vegan struggling to make recipes work without eggs, Say hello to aquafaba. A word which literally means “bean water” I know, it doesn’t sound that promising. Yet, promising it is.

Home made Vegan Pocky prototypes. Made possible via the magic of aquafaba. But that’s a post yet to come.

Ah, that kooky bean juice.

Aquafaba is officially my favorite egg replacer. All you have to do is buy canned chickpeas, drain, and replace each egg with 3 Tablespoons of Aquafaba. Boom. Vegan-ized. (At least the egg part is, anyway.) More details about how much for an egg white, what to do for meringues, or marshmallows… I don’t know yet. But it sure makes my all-time favorite cookies come together just right. I’ve edited the original post, because I am 100% convinced on how well it works.

One step closer to my future as a super skilled vegan home baker.

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