Vegan Cookies and Cream Easter Bunnies

Ever since I’ve gotten a handle on this whole vegan thing, I’ve been figuring out solutions to recreate some of my old favorites. Childhood favorite cookies, favorite snacks, candies, etc.

As Easter is coming closer, I’ve been crafting up a storm, but what’s been lingering on my mind most of all is Cookies ‘N Cream Bunnies.

Oh, man. Tasty stuff.

Man, those were great. I got a cookies ‘n cream rabbit almost every Easter for years. But with new allergies has come many, many adjustments, and candy has been one of the trickier ones. Not just because of the dairy, but also because I’m allergic to palm oil! That stuff in in just about every candy on the face of the earth.

Cue these little guys.

I love this mold. It makes just the cutest little Round Bois.

I followed this recipe absolutely to the letter, and the white chocolate came out just perfect. I don’t add all the ginger and other extra flavors the original poster added, I was going for that really straightforward vanilla taste. I would only add that I have made this before, less successfully– and it really needs to be whisked thoroughly or you need to sift the sugar and milk (soy milk) powder into the melted cocoa butter or your lovely white chocolate will be gritty/lumpy. I’ve made strawberry flavored white chocolate (tutorial to come in a future post), and now these cookie crumb-filled cuties!

Oh my goodness. That little face.

I would add that I forgot to add the soy milk powder, and they still taste nice. I also ought to have roughly chopped my oreos (made according to his lovely recipe) instead of running them through the food processor, because they TOTALLY turned to dust instead of becoming nice little nuggets like I wanted. Still, they came out really tasty.

More Easter basket goodies coming up this week, it’s a craft storm up in here.

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