I’m back!

Sorry I was gone so long, everyone, but I was on my honeymoon. 🙂

Yep, I got married!

me and my husband, right after our wedding. 🙂

Anyway, we did a lot of DIY things for the reception, so I thought I’d tell you lovely people of the internet all about how we did it!

1. My hairpiece:

just get a really long necklace from a thrift store, and loop it twice. take out the excess length, and link the loops together with a jump ring or two. With mine, there was only one layer of necklace in the back, but two up front. We secured it in my hair with some pearl spinners. 🙂

2. Paper flowers:

See? Paper flowers and Trees. but more on the trees in a bit.





The paper flowers, we found online.


It’s pretty simple, and it’s a lovely way to dress up some plain walls.

3. Trees!

If you have a place to cut down some saplings/limbs, you can collect a few (I didn’t cut any taller than about 8 feet, but it’ll depend on how high your venue is) and wind white twinkle lights loosely on your trees. It looks lovely! stand them up in buckets of pea gravel (Do NOT use sand. Do not. Seriously. No.) and just cover up the buckets with tulle or solid colored tablecloths. It looks so good, and it’s super low budget.

you could also twine on some flower garlands (which you can get really cheap at garage sales, as long as they’re in good condition)

4. Centerpieces:

For the cake table, we just put my bouquet in a clear vase, and it looked lovely. Besides, who wants to carry that thing around? It’s not just for photos!

For the guest tables, we had solid colored runners on white tablecloths, and these lovely things in the middle.

For these centerpieces, just get some silk flowers, and glue gun the petals on the outside of glass votives. Then all you have to do is put lit tea lights inside. (or the electric tea lights, if you can’t have lit candles in your venue) Then, just cluster some silk ivy garlands around a few of these.