Toddler Tuesday: Balloon Drums

This morning, our breakfast was interrupted by the local marching band heading along their parade route.

Why? Not a clue. But the drum line was so exciting to Eve, that I got an idea…

Little drums!
Little drums!

I know I did this as a kid. Balloon drums, and rubber band guitars. (Which may happen later. For now, the drums are enough.)

To do it, you start with a couple things:

future drums
future drums.
  1. As many containers as you want drums (2 flowerpots=2 drums). It can be flowerpots, half an old water bottle, jars, cups, etc….
  2. Balloons. (If you want this to last for a while, have some back up. I’ve already replaced the balloons on the drums in the pictures once today.)
  3. Scissors.

To make them, you just cut the neck off the balloons. Not too much, but just cut the rectangle of the neck off of the circle of the balloon.

Riiiight there.
Riiiight there.

After that, simply stretch the balloon over your containers/pots and enjoy! For our second round, Eve insisted on putting a few things inside before they were shut. It makes it easier for smaller kids to make a satisfying noise. I’d recommend a pebble, marble, or other small object, preferably made of metal, glass, or stone. (Why? Because those materials sound nicest.)

...probably best to keep this away from the babies. Hi, Robbie!
…probably best to keep this away from the babies. Hi, Robbie!


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Ad Matching Haul

Ad matching: this fruit for how much?


Look at all this!
Only $10.01!!

Here’s the cost breakdown:

5 Mangoes at $0.49 each

13 Avocados at $0.33 each

2 lbs Strawberries at $0.99/lb

1 cantaloupe for $1.29

All we had to do was pick up an Aldi’s ad.

Wal Mart often has high-quality produce, but the prices aren’t always great. Aldi’s can often have some really great sales, but for subpar merchandise. It’s a pretty great fit. With ad matching smaller grocery stores’ ad prices, you can pick up all the great sales around town, in one place. One lady we talked to in the produce department, she had just a list written out of all the different ad prices from several different stores’ sales. That’s our plan, eventually, but we have yet to actually do it.

As a side note: I’m in favor of supporting small businesses, especially struggling ones that feel the need to have the lowest prices around, just to get people in the door. If you do find one of these gems, I think you won’t regret going a bit out of your way to help keep them in business.

Back to the ad-matching…

Since you can freeze avocados, we decided to stock up (I don’t see this good a price on them very often!) For just the 3 of us, this is a ton of fruit, but it’ll all freeze just fine.

My husband estimated that the cost for this at their normal (even “sale”) prices would have been over $22! Considering that’s better than half-off our entire purchase… We’re pretty happy.

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