Snow in August???

…made of snow. 😀 Yep, snow.

So, I know it’s kinda hot out, and I don’t know about anybody else, but I miss there being snow outside. Last March, if you can believe it, on a day that my classes were really spaced out, it just happened to have snowed about 6-8 inches of *perfect* sculpting snow. For those of you who think that all snow is created equal, let me clarify: there are 2 types of snow: 1:wet snow, and 2:dry, powdery snow. For sculpting of *any* kind (including snowballs), you want the wet kind. This snow, for reasons beyond my meterological knowledge, was the perfect balance of moisture.

I *was* just going to go inside the union and get a hot cocoa, honest! But then I thought about how many hours I had until my next class, and how perfect the snow was, and I just couldn’t resist! I don’t know why I decided on theVenus De Milo, or when, but after a while, the idea was planted in my mind.
I gathered up a little mound of snow at first, sweeping all the snow together from the surface of the concrete. I just kept sweeping it together with my hands, building a bigger and taller little mountain of snow, until it became a pilliar, then a pilliar with shoulders. I did a bit of  of adding snow on then packing it in, and a bit of carving out curves and hollows with the blade of my hand. (That’s the pinkie side edge of your hand for those that have never attended a martial arts class lol)
A few things I learned that I will be sure to put in application next time it snows:
  • Wear WATERPROOF gloves. When I did this, I was wearing knit gloves. Not only were they completely useless after about two minutes, They actually collected snow in the spaces between the threads and made me colder. Just not wearing any gloves is also a really bad plan, because I did some of that while I was out there sculpting, and my hands didn’t really forgive me over the whole ordeal for about a week, give or take a few days.
  • Take breaks that are indoors somewhere heated. This was amazingly helpful, and much more so when there was hot cocoa present. Of course, I may be the only one crazy enough to spend hours in the cold just to make a snow Venus De Milo, but hey. I had fun. 😀
  • if you are making something with a realistically proportioned head+neck, be VERY careful. It took me nearly 2 hours just to get the head balanced so that it would stay. Now that I think about it, a little under 1/2 of the total time I spent on that thing was spent solely on  the head. And let me tell you, it fell off SO MANY times. So many. Go slowly and carefully, is all I can really say. When you’re packing new snow onto the head, hold it steady so that you don’t harm it with the pressure of your packing hand. I know I pushed the head completely off by packing carelessly.
  • You should probably either do a better job at making it recognisably the Venus De Milo, or choose a different subject matter than I did, if you’re making this thing in a public place. Because there are a lot of people who called my venus a “snow woman”, which, while accurate, was not the point, and has connotations I did not care for.
  • If you want the outside of the sculpture to be pretty white, instead of covered with random dead leaf litter and dirt, use some snow from a fresh place, skimming off the top, to pack on the outside. Kinda like painting it. Only not really lol ^_^
  • Have fun!! This is essentially a different spin off of building a snowman,
  •  so don’t be afraid to be a kid just a little bit. 😀

Happy sculpting! Too bad there’s no snow right now, but someday, there will be.