Articles, Patterns, and E-Zines: Oh My!




So recently I had the opportunity to write an article for an E-Zine called Crochetvolution, which was all about the instinct we crafters have to make scarves, and hats and SO ON more frequently in colder weather. (You know the feeling: the weather gets chillier, and you start thinking things like, “Wouldn’t that yarn be so nice in a scarf?” And so, you go and get the yarn, find out what you’d like to do with it, and begin.)

Also for the latest issue of Crochetvolution:  have made a scarf!!! Not a scarflet, or a neckwarmer, or anything like that, but a scarf. A men’s scarf. As a gift.



Those of you who have tried to crochet something for the men in your lives may have run into a similar conundrum that I’ve found, which is: guys don’t ask for much. They don’t want anything fancy, and (let’s face it) crocheting can often look a little too lacey for your average guy.

Solution? I found out about this nice stitch called a “Granite Stitch”. It’s super simple, makes a nice pattern, and a good, flat scarf with pretty much zero curling.

So, if you want the pattern it is here, and I hope you enjoy! 😀

Also mentioned on the same page is my Etsy shop: you may remember my Black Walnut Buttons? Well, I have some for sale on Etsy. 😀

Beginnings and Stuff to Do

Since the weather has been taking a turn for cooler temperatures (finally!), I have started on this:

a future scarflet!

What you see here is the buttonhole of my scarflet-in-progress. I am writing the pattern to be made available as soon as it’s done. I’ll be using one of my handmade black walnut buttons (to be found in my last post) to close the thing when finished.

However! This is not all I’ve been working on.

you may recognise my buttons post on the screen 😀

Considering that this was taken by very carefully biting down on my camera phone… I think it’s a pretty good picture.

I’ve been typing an article for a new E-zine called Crochetvolution (here’s the link) which you’ll be able to read there in the future. It’s not done, yet, though.

I’ve been enjoying the drop in temperature, and I don’t know about you all, but I intend to get some crocheting done this year. Now that the chillier months are returning, I find myself getting back into the projects Ive previously started.


Like my emerald v-neck (in progress)

the beginnings of my green v-neck

and red plushie dalek. (also in progress; and the same color as my scarflet, you may notice)

an in-process plushie dalek (those of you who watch Doctor Who may recognise this)

I’m not sure why, but in the summer, I can never truly motivate myself to get much crocheting done. My most productive season is early fall (about now) until spring, say, about March/April, depending on how cold it is.

I can post generic directions for the last two projects, but I started them before I knew how to write a pattern, so it won’t exact, sorry! :/

So, that’s a few things I’m working on.