Articles, Patterns, and E-Zines: Oh My!




So recently I had the opportunity to write an article for an E-Zine called Crochetvolution, which was all about the instinct we crafters have to make scarves, and hats and SO ON more frequently in colder weather. (You know the feeling: the weather gets chillier, and you start thinking things like, “Wouldn’t that yarn be so nice in a scarf?” And so, you go and get the yarn, find out what you’d like to do with it, and begin.)

Also for the latest issue of Crochetvolution:  have made a scarf!!! Not a scarflet, or a neckwarmer, or anything like that, but a scarf. A men’s scarf. As a gift.



Those of you who have tried to crochet something for the men in your lives may have run into a similar conundrum that I’ve found, which is: guys don’t ask for much. They don’t want anything fancy, and (let’s face it) crocheting can often look a little too lacey for your average guy.

Solution? I found out about this nice stitch called a “Granite Stitch”. It’s super simple, makes a nice pattern, and a good, flat scarf with pretty much zero curling.

So, if you want the pattern it is here, and I hope you enjoy! 😀

Also mentioned on the same page is my Etsy shop: you may remember my Black Walnut Buttons? Well, I have some for sale on Etsy. 😀

“Magic” Slippers

Sorry it’s been a while, folks, but I’ve been working hard on my current projects, the most recently finished one is:

My magic slippers!

My Snuggly Magic Slippers!
My Snuggly Magic Slippers!

The whole concept of these is based on the idea of a “magic square“, which is a method I’ve used in the past, for making some very nice potholders. I had the idea of applying the same method to making a pair of slippers, and this pattern is  the result. 😀 I made mine with Vanna’s Choice yarn and a G hook; you can customize yours to fit you by making sure that your starting chain reaches from your heel to your toes when you measure it against your foot.


Sc=single crochet

sl=slip stitch

ch=chain stitch

(Yeah, that’s all the stitches it uses. Cool, huh?)



Rnd 1: Ch 40. Sc in each ch across, then sc in the other side of the ch to make a round.

Rnds 2-13: Sc in each st around.

Decrease 2 on either side of the toe area (just pick an end, put your foot in, and you’ll see what I mean), turn around and do 2 more rows in just the toe end, decreasing 2 on each end of each row. (12 decreases total)

Sc 1 after the rows, decrease 1, then continue in a full round.

Starting from the toe corner you started your last round in, make 2 rows, which end in the opposite toe corner. These rows will go around the back of the slipper, instead of across the toe area, like the earlier rows.

Sl 1, cut off and weave in ends.

Close-up on the bows <3


  • Ch 15; sc in each st across. Turn at end, sc in each st across and repeat for a total of 9 rows.
  • Sc into first 6 sts of 10th row, ch 10.
  • Wrap around middle of rectangle to gather into a bow shape.
  • Sl 1 into the base stitch of the ch, sc across the remainder of row 10.
  • Finish off; sew bow onto toe of slipper.

Repeat pattern to make a second slipper. 🙂


So there you have it!

Current Projects and Amusements

So, the other day, the mood struck me, and I drew this:

I drew this on a concrete wall outside the steps of a building at my college. 😀
I actually had a brush with campus security over this little adventure! Chalk, as you all likely know, washes right off of concrete.  However, someone had misunderstood and called campus security saying that someone was painting on the wall, so they called the art department head, and he came out, a campus security officer on his heels. I had a heart attack, but they took one look at my mural, saw it was chalk, and left me with a reminder to let them know next time so they could correct any callers they might get.
Who knew! Not everyone recognizes chalk when they see it. Go figure. 😛
Anyway, I have also started on a sweater, the pattern for which will be shown here as soon as it is done. Right now it’s not really done yet…..
My white sweater in progress! The pattern will be posted
But it will be! Just as soon as I do the rest of the back, sides, and sleeves.
I tote it around with me, just in case I get some time to do a few rows, so I have this plastic bag with my crocheting in my backpack, and whenever I’m between classes I just pull it out. It’s been going pretty quickly. At least, a lot faster than I originally expected.
However, I’m also reading the complete series of “The Lord of the Rings” right now. I’m not even finished with “The Fellowship of the Ring”, yet, but I love it!! So, as soon as I’ve finished book 1, I’ll put up a review of that, as well.
Well, that’s all for now, but I also have a quick sewing project on the way… but that’s another post. 😀