Current Projects and Amusements

So, the other day, the mood struck me, and I drew this:

I drew this on a concrete wall outside the steps of a building at my college. 😀
I actually had a brush with campus security over this little adventure! Chalk, as you all likely know, washes right off of concrete.  However, someone had misunderstood and called campus security saying that someone was painting on the wall, so they called the art department head, and he came out, a campus security officer on his heels. I had a heart attack, but they took one look at my mural, saw it was chalk, and left me with a reminder to let them know next time so they could correct any callers they might get.
Who knew! Not everyone recognizes chalk when they see it. Go figure. 😛
Anyway, I have also started on a sweater, the pattern for which will be shown here as soon as it is done. Right now it’s not really done yet…..
My white sweater in progress! The pattern will be posted
But it will be! Just as soon as I do the rest of the back, sides, and sleeves.
I tote it around with me, just in case I get some time to do a few rows, so I have this plastic bag with my crocheting in my backpack, and whenever I’m between classes I just pull it out. It’s been going pretty quickly. At least, a lot faster than I originally expected.
However, I’m also reading the complete series of “The Lord of the Rings” right now. I’m not even finished with “The Fellowship of the Ring”, yet, but I love it!! So, as soon as I’ve finished book 1, I’ll put up a review of that, as well.
Well, that’s all for now, but I also have a quick sewing project on the way… but that’s another post. 😀

Simple Post Stitch Wristwarmers! (Say that five times fast…)

Here they are! 😀

These wristwarmers are a quick addition to a cooler weather wardrobe, with a nice little notch for your thumb, and the texture of the post stitches. For as simple as it was to make them, I can tell I’ll be wearing them a lot as it gets colder.

This pattern uses a G hook and “Vanna’s Choice” Lion Brand yarn. Purple, obviously. 🙂



Dc=Double Crochet

Sc=Single Crochet

Sl=Slip Stitch

Fps=Front Post Stitch

Bps=Back Post Stitch


  1.  ch 30
  2. dc 1 per ch
  3. sl 1 and dc in the first stitch, fps in the next, and alternate like that until the end of the row, sl 1 and dc or bps according to what was done in the last row, making sure that the fps and bps line up; do 3 rows of this, using fps instead of bps in the second.
  4. sl 1 into the opposite end of the row, attatching the ends to form a loop that would grow into a cylinder
  5. fps the end stitches together
  6. alternate fps and dc in every other stitch for 10 rounds.
  7. sc 1, sl 1, and weave in the ends.
  8. repeat the steps of the pattern to make a second wristwarmer.


Hope you enjoy. ^_^






“Divine” Beret!

So, some of you might be familiar with the “divine hat“, and let me tell you: it is positively brilliant! It also gave me the chance to learn front post stitch/ back post stitch, which is one that you will definitely be seeing used here again. I started following the pattern, but after the first round or two, I kinda just did my own thing.

Divine Beret! See the swirls?
The Divine Beret!

Anyway, I had been wanting to make a beret type hat for a while now, and I thought “why not combine the divine hat pattern with a beret?” After all, the only real difference between your typical hat shape and a beret is that the circle at the top is bigger and the decreasing more drastic.

So, this is more a “recipe”, because it’s a stylistic adaptation of someone else’s pattern:

It uses a J hook and then an H hook, and Caron Simply Soft. (Nearly a full skein of the stuff, if you have the average size.)


Dc=Double Crochet

Fps=Front Post Stitch (if you are unfamiliar with this stitch, like I was, just look here for a nice tutorial on it as well as the back post. It makes a lovely end product, and it’s really easy.)

Bps=Back Post Stitch

Sc=Single Crochet

Sl=Slip Stitch


    1. Make a “magic circle” (Which you make thusly: You take the yarn, and make a square knot, only you don’t pull it tight. It keeps the center of circular pieces nice and closed, because you can tighten it after the stitches have been made in it, unlike just chain stitching a loop.)
    2. Dc 15 around the magic circle (using J hook)
    3. Fps around the circle in every stitch
    4. fps in every fps stitch, dc in between the fps
    5. make sure that your fps are lining up, in order to make that spiffy swirl pattern
    6. increase 1 dc in each space between the fps every other row- as the circle expands, you’ll still have the same amount of fps lines
    7. continue until your circle is roughly 4 to 6 inches bigger than your head in diameter (all on one side)
    8. make a new fps in the middle of every space between the fps rows already present
    9. switch to your H hook! go around 2 or 3 rounds, then decrease 1 dc in every segment of dc’s in between the fps (do NOT decrease out any fps) every other row for 3 or 4 rows, then every row until it is the right size opening for your head
    10. do 2or 3 rows where every other stitch is fps, and the ones between are bps, sc 1, sl 1, tie off and weave in ends. Tighten the magic circle by pulling on the original loose end, and tie a knot in it, then weave it in.


My beautiful beret!
"Divine" Beret, top view. See the nifty swirl pattern? Front Post Stitch. So cool! <3

    So there you have it! One “divine” beret. 😀